2013 – Incorporation of the Company

Our first sole director Mr. Kavan incorporated ALPS Holdings, formerly known as ALPS Global Logistic in January 2013. The Company started its operation in February at a rented unit of lesser than 500 square feet located in The Katong Shopping Centre with three staff. Its main core of business was then solely international shipping and logistics.


Corporate social responsibility

ALPS pledges its support towards the “freedom to love”, a project by Singapore Pink Dot in the same year.

2014 – Progression







In September 2014, ALPS relocated from the tenanted unit to its very own industrial property. The relocation displayed the true team spirit of five staff then, despite the last minute back-out by its contractor, which was a horrendous, experience for the team yet commendable of the unyielding spirits.

In the same year, the 1st Project shipment (Singapore River Taxi) which was accredited to ALPS took effect.













2015 – Establish image of the Company

Into its third year in March 2015,  the logo currently used by its subsidiary Company was trademarked as a form of recognition for its logistics business.

The Company implemented its paperless system early 2015; a project adopted by the management in late 2014 to support a clean and green Singapore. The cloud storage, secure digitalised signatory resulted in an increase in productivity as information and documents sharing becomes more efficient and the decrease of physical document storage results in decline of operation cost.



Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices

The management pledges for fair employment practice to ensure equal employment opportunity and nurturing individual staff to reach their potential. The management believes a highly engaged, loyal and skilled workforce will benefit the organization.




Asia Top Outstanding Enterprise 

In acknowledgment of ALPS outstanding business performance, industry prominence and regional recognition, the organization were accredited Asia Top Outstanding Enterprise in June 2015 and copies of director statement was released in the Strait Times.




bizSafe Level 3

The same year ALPS was credited bizSafe Level 3, a safety standard adopted by the management. The organization takes responsibility for setting direction on safe practices for all staff. With all the accolades came the second project shipment in December.



ALPS was responsible for the transportation of vintage automotive this time.






2016 – Expanding of Organisation Structure

We renovated a new room as part of the organization plan to expand the Company organization structure.


2017 – Business expansion 

After a slow year in 2016, welcoming the fifth year in operations. The Company invested its second private passenger vehicle for the new business activities. It took the organization six months to complete its business diversion expansion plans in September 2017. The first move was the entity change to ALPS Holdings in March 2017 followed by the incorporation of its first subsidiary Company in April 2017. The diversion of the logistics business which was ready to start operations on 1st of June 2017.




Work-Life Arrangement

The management pledges and adopt work development arrangement to support work-life balance to attract and retain prospective existing talents.


NS Mark Gold

In February, ALPS has accredited NS marked Gold in appreciation for its skills acquired and values inculcated for our NS men through National Service and was also awarded NS advocate Award for demonstrating exemplary support for National Service and Total Defence.

Change of business entity

The entity separation allows the organization to manage the independent business nature more efficiently. Today, with its international shipping and logistics handled by its subsidiary, ALPS Global Logistics, ALPS  Holdings’ business activities include property investment management, limousine chauffeuring vehicle leasing, e-commerce, product branding and trading.