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ALPS Global Logistics for the Best General Freight Services in Singapore

ALPS is one of the highest-reputed logistics/shipping companies in Singapore that handle all kinds of freight. We strive under pressure to help our customers handle complicated or heavy shipments. Over the years, as one of the best freight forwarders in Singapore, we have offered our customers first-class logistics services at a minimum cost. No matter how big, heavy and difficult the freight is, we always have a solution for it.

We are well aware that it takes a great deal of care and responsibility to make sure that there won’t be any delivery delays or unanticipated costs. Our skilled specialists expedite the customs clearance process by staying up to date with the most recent developments in customs regulation.

This information enables a streamlined, efficient, and dependable customs procedure. We are a specialized logistics firm that will manage the whole supply chain using a one-stop shop strategy and cutting-edge technology to support it all.

At ALPS Global Logistics Pte Ltd, we provide a full range of local trucking and transportation delivery. We deliver all items from small to big and even in bulk. Our experienced staff provides a wide range of solution services catering to local customer needs while aiding them with their difficulties in handling logistics woes. 

What You Need to Know about General Freight Shipping

Freight shipping is the transportation of substantial shipments of products domestically or internationally by different means. Pallets or large, durable containers are used to load the items for shipment using one or more modes of transportation.

At ALPS Global Logistics, we are specialized in all three shipping modes: air, sea, and land. In addition to shipping, we provide a vast range of services including customs clearance in Singapore, application of certificate of origin, marine insurance services, door-to-door delivery, container stuffing and unstuffing, repacking and relabelling, and granting Basel Permits for the import and export of hazardous items.

For a successful shipment, make sure the freight forwarder understands what you need to be shipped. You’ll undoubtedly need a lot of tracking and documentation, or perhaps you have specific certification requirements for the freight forwarder. In any event, you should strive to confirm that the freight forwarder can supply the number of shipments you require.

Freight forwarding requires abiding by a set of laws, rules, and regulations. For the freight forwarder to fully understand your needs, you need to be comprehensive with your request. Your service providers must be knowledgeable about the markets of the nations you are importing and exporting goods to.

For instance, they need to be familiar with the laws and customs of these nations, as well as how to handle any customs inquiries. Make sure the freight forwarder is aware of these sorts of issues and has remedies on hand for when a problem emerges if you anticipate further complications with your shipments. 

We Are the Best in Town

ALPS Global Logistics, which was founded in 2013, has paved the door for customized services in the shipping and logistics sector. By providing a wide range of logistics services, we are presently leading the global market.

We Prioritize the Safety of Your Freight

As a trusted freight forwarding company, we always prioritize the safety of your goods. Regardless of the type, size, or weight of your freight, we take complete responsibility for its safety from the moment we receive it to the moment it is delivered. With ALPS Global Logistics, your goods will be secure and damage-protected.

We Are Up-to-Date With Customs Clearance Rules

With ALPS Global Logistics on board, you don’t have to worry about customs clearance in Singapore. We are up-to-date with the rules and regulations regarding freight and we are well aware of the formalities that need to be fulfilled when shipping different types of goods. You can have peace of mind as we do the hard work for you.

We Offer a Wide Spectrum of Logistics Services

ALPS Global Logistics offers a wide range of services including Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), Full Container Load (FCL), Loose Container Load (LCL), and Ocean Freight and Air Freight. Whatever the requirement you come up with, we have a solution.

We Have a Wide Global Network

Be it via land, sea, or air, ALPS Global has a vast network on a global level. With the advantage of having a global network, we provide our clients with the most efficient service. If you are looking for a reputable logistics company to ship your goods overseas, ALPS Global is undoubtedly a one-stop solution.

Some of the general freight forwarding services that we provide include:

  • Import & Export Services for Customs Clearance
  • Cargo Crating Services
  • Relabelling and Repacking of cargo
  • Palletising
  • Container stuffing and unstuffing
  • Supply of labor for logistics job
  • Fumigation Services
  • Applying for the Certificate of Origin
  • Switch Bill of Lading
  • Letters of Credits
  • Marine Insurances
  • Household or Office Relocation
  • Live Pets or Live Animals Custom Clearance
  • Yacht Custom Clearance
  • Heavy Lift Project Cargo
  • Door-to-Door Transportation service
  • Packing/repacking/rigging services
  • Basel Permit (For the import, export, and transit of hazardous wastes controlled under the Basel Convention)

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