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Land freight, which refers to mainland transportation of business-to-business and door-to-door delivery, is a crucial component of supply chain management. It entails the movement of freight and merchandise between and among states. Its seamless operation depends on an integrated freight network, an efficient supply chain, and logistical management, in addition to multimodal transportation methods.

At ALPS Global Logistics Pte Ltd, we provide a full range of local trucking and transportation delivery. We deliver all items from small to big and even in bulk. Our experienced staff provides a wide range of solution services catering to local customer needs while aiding them with their difficulties in handling logistics woes.

What Do You Need to Know about Land Freight Shipping in Singapore?

Are you looking for a reliable land freight shipping service in Singapore? Here are five factors you should know.

1. Know when you need to opt for international land freight shipping.

When it comes to land freight, the delivery site must be reachable by land, and both locations must have land borders separating them for international land freight shipping to be a practical option. It’s a good idea to compare prices for Full Truck Loads (FTL) with Full Container Load (FCL) options for shipping since sometimes it can be less expensive to transport goods by sea.

2. Be aware of the types of land freight shipments.

There are various methods of transporting land freight shipments. LTL shipments, or less than truckloads, are transported using consolidation. This works best for local and international land freight shipping when the load contains only a single or a small number of pallets.

We also provide FTL (Full Truck Load), which is utilised for heavier shipments, and it typically has a faster transit time than LTL shipments because the driver travels straight from the place of pickup to the site of delivery.

Last but not least, there is the heavy-lift or project cargo to transport a large or heavy object on specialised trailers designed to support such exceptional loads.

3. Know how consolidation works.

The idea of consolidation was developed to reduce the cost and sometimes maintain the same transit time of land, sea, and air freight shipping. Shipments are picked up from the shipper’s loading location and brought to the service provider’s (co-loader) warehouse for processing when using the land freight mode of transportation.

They will be organised and placed with other shipments or products travelling in the same direction before being transported once more to the recipient’s location or the next transit point. By distributing expenses this way, service providers are able to offer customers lower pricing. The specialised van or FTL transportation may take the same amount of time or a little bit longer. 

4. Learn about lading.

The bill of lading is a contract for transportation from shipper to consignee that includes information about the shipment, including its weight, dimensions, description of the product being sent, value, packing, and more.

It also includes information about the pickup and delivery locations, incoterms, and other information relevant to the cargo being shipped. The terms and conditions that explain and establish each party’s liability on this bill of lading, including the carrier who may be liable in some circumstances, are included on the reverse of the document.

5. Be informed about the costs associated with.

Different regions have different methods for calculating transportation costs in land freight forwarding. According to the equation Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 3000, each CBM is equivalent to 333 kg in several nations.

Alternately, the ratio will be 1:3. In this instance, the cost is based on the rate per KG, and the chargeable weight is determined. In other nations, transport companies will bill clients based on slots (how many pallets, crates, skids, etc.). Overall, the rates will be higher if the things are not stackable because they would take up more space. 

Our commitment to reliable land freight services extends to various transportation methods, including air and international sea freight shipping. At ALPS Global Logistics, we maintain our own fleet of road freight vehicles while partnering with other forms of transportation to ensure seamless and efficient cargo movement from Point A to Point B.

Full Truck Load (FTL) Services: 

For heavier shipments or exclusive use of a container, FTL services are the ideal choice. With FTL, the driver travels directly from the pickup location to the delivery site, resulting in faster transit times.

Less Than Truck Load (LTL) Services: 

LTL shipments, also known as less than truckloads, are consolidated to optimise space utilisation. This option is suitable for local and international land freight shipments with single or small pallet quantities.

Cross-Border Trucking: 

We specialise in managing cross-border transportation. We ensure seamless customs clearance and compliance with regulations during international land freight shipping between Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Last-Mile Delivery: 

Our efficient last-mile delivery services facilitate local distribution, offering doorstep deliveries to meet all customer requirements effectively.

Project Cargo Transport: 

We have expertise in transporting large or heavy objects, known as project cargo, using specialised trailers designed for exceptional loads.

Land Freight Services we provide:

  • FCL (Full Container Load) Trucking Services / Container Trucking Services
  • 20/40 General Purpose container or High-cube Container
  • 20/40 Flat-Rack
  • 20/40 Reefer Container
  • Side-lifter Container trucking
  • Lorry Crane Services (15 to 75 tonnes)
  • Low bed / Trailer / Canvas Container (all 40′)
  • Mobile Crane & Lifting Operation Services
  • Small truck/van delivery (14 footer / 24 footer)
  • Project Transportation Services
  • Residential And Commercial Moving Services
  • Uncrating and Disposal
  • Hazardous Transportation for LCL Cargoes
  • Cross-border Land freight (Singapore / Malaysia / Thailand)
  • Inter-European Trucking
  • Inland Trucking

What Do We Offer?

Benefits of Partnering with ALPS Global Logistics

Nationwide Coverage: 

At ALPS Global Logistics, we ensure nationwide accessibility for land freight services by covering various locations within Singapore.

Reliable and Timely Deliveries: 

We prioritise on-time deliveries and efficient routing to meet customer expectations for reliable transportation solutions.

Experienced Drivers and Fleet: 

Our professional drivers and well-maintained fleet of vehicles ensure the safe and secure transportation of cargo.

Cargo Tracking and Tracing: 

We provide customers with complete transparency over their shipments by offering real-time tracking services.

Customised Solutions: 

We tailor land freight shipping services in Singapore to cater to individual customer requirements, offering flexibility and personalised solutions.

FAQ Related to Land Freight 

Land freight transportation within Singapore typically takes one to two days, depending on the distance between pickup and delivery points.

Land freight costs are calculated based on factors such as cargo weight, size, distance, and additional services required.

Land freight is suitable for various types of cargo, including general goods, industrial equipment, and project cargo.

The maximum weight and size limits for land freight shipments depend on local regulations and road transportation restrictions.

Land freight shipments require robust packaging to withstand road transportation conditions and handling.

Choose ALPS Global for Reliable Land Freight Services 

When it comes to reliable and efficient land freight services, ALPS Global Logistics can undoubtedly be considered a reputable container trucking company in Singapore. With years of experience, dedicated customer service, and commitment to excellence, we offer seamless transportation solutions for your valuable cargo. Contact us today at +65 6710 4851 and experience the convenience and reliability of our land freight shipping services in Singapore.

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